Banding on Canon S9000 Printer

6 August 04

[Note: Update on my printer]

I’ve had the Canon S9000 bubblejet printer for about 16 months, and it started to band. A search for this problem and/or a new printer head revealed Parts Now!. This site sells the heads at a decent price (I haven’t looked for a cheaper price yet). Also on DPReview, where I found the above link, some people were suggesting some techniques to clean the old head. They were link1, link2, and link3.


  1. Banding problems with Canon BJ S9000. I started to get banding on photo prints and no amount of cleaning helped. However I switched on the Photo Optimizer PRO (in effects)and set it to apply throughout the page and the banding disappeared. Worth a try.
    Ian Wilson    Sun Oct 24th, 6:53am    #
  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I tried the different methods and it improved it a lot. When I would do a printer test, there used to be horizontal lines but they were all gone after cleaning. But i still was getting horizontal lines on photos, very faint but noticeable. It turned out that I was using the wrong paper setting (“Photo paper plus glossy”). I didn’t even try to change it till my wife suggested it. Anyway I changed it to “Photo paper pro” and voila, perfect photos again.
    Imran Niazi    Fri Oct 29th, 7:10pm    #

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