Weird delay or lag with Openwebmail and Firefox

Saturday, February 5, 2005

I use openwebmail for our webmail client. And only on my Laptop’s Firefox (my desktop and many others that I’ve tried worked fine) would run really slow and laggy when I went to my openwebmail web page.

Well I tracked it down to the default background ‘Globe.gif’ that I came configured. I tried copying another gif file that came with openwebmail, and that had the same problem. Converted the gif file to a jpg and changed the settings so it would use jpg, and voila! Problem solved.

Copied a random gif on the server (ones that came with Apache) and it worked fine. Also I converted the previously converted jpg file back to a gif and that also had no problem.

So not sure if its a problem with Firefox’s rendering engine. Maybe it can’t handle a certain type of gif file?

And I thought I'd never change the old homepage

Monday, April 26, 2004

Well this is a start. I’ve been avoiding updating this site, worrying that when I start it will consume too much of my time. But since I had to play with different CMS/blog softwares for a client, I figured I’d sneak an installation onto this site. We’ll see how it goes. If this will allow me to update my site with little effort. And more importantly, give me a nice interface which will motivate me to write my own mod_perl photo gallery software.


Friday, March 12, 2004

Ok, its finally up. How do you like the site layout? i’m going to be tweaking it slowly. Also I need to modify the Image gallery’s theme so it looks the same. (so for now, it only looks like this on this main page).

Already, it looks different from the initial layout I tried.