Weird delay or lag with Openwebmail and Firefox

5 February 05

I use openwebmail for our webmail client. And only on my Laptop’s Firefox (my desktop and many others that I’ve tried worked fine) would run really slow and laggy when I went to my openwebmail web page.

Well I tracked it down to the default background ‘Globe.gif’ that I came configured. I tried copying another gif file that came with openwebmail, and that had the same problem. Converted the gif file to a jpg and changed the settings so it would use jpg, and voila! Problem solved.

Copied a random gif on the server (ones that came with Apache) and it worked fine. Also I converted the previously converted jpg file back to a gif and that also had no problem.

So not sure if its a problem with Firefox’s rendering engine. Maybe it can’t handle a certain type of gif file?

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