D-Link DGS-3324SRi Firmware Upgrade

18 April 14

These instructions are fairly straightforward. This allows you to update the run configuration to the latest version. My switch already had the latest version of the PROM, so I only upgraded the RUN firmware image.

  1. Have a copy of the run image
  2. Connect Serial to the switch (D-Link DGS-3324SRi) and use a terminal software that supports Z-Modem upload
  3. Turn on the switch
  4. Before the POST reaches 100% press Shift-3
    Power On Self Test …................................... 60 %
  5. That should bring up the BOOT CONFIGURATION MENU:
                                   BOOT CONFIGURATION MENU
      Management Module MAC Address:  00-11-95-A4-F3-00
      Image Option: <Create  >
      Download Protocol: <Z Modem>
      Baud Rate <115200 >
      Runtime Image Information: 
      (1) 4.10-B15  (2) 4.40-B04(Boot)                                                                          
      Free Flash Space: 1048576 bytes   
      APPLY        REBOOT

    **************************************************** Message Area: Set the Boot Image or create, delete a image. CTRL+T=Root screen Esc=Prev. screen CTRL+R = Refresh

  6. From my screen above, I already have two images uploaded, and have limited space. If you are in the same situation, you will need to delete one of the images:
    1. Go to Image Option
    2. Press until you get to Delete
    3. Go down to Select Image:
    4. until you select the Runtime Image you would like to delete
    5. Go down to APPLY, and press
  7. If you are ready to upload, go to Image Option:, press until you get to Create. In my case Download Protoccol was already Z Modem, and Baud Rate was already 115200
  8. Now go to APPLY which will start the Z Modem receiver on Switch; Depending on terminal software, that may bring up a Z Modem upload option automatically. Otherwise select it yourself, select the run image and upload.
  9. A progress meter will start, and after upload, it will process the image and bring you back to that same menu
  10. Change Image Option: to Set Boot
  11. Change Select Image: to Image number you uploaded
  12. APPLY and then REBOOT
  13. If there is an issue with the new run image you can repeat these instructions to go into the BOOT CONFIGURATION MENU and change the setting back to old image, delete the errant image, etc.

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