D-Link DGS-3324SRi Password Reset

18 April 14

Bought a D-Link DGS-3324SRi Managed Layer 3 Gigabit switch off of ebay.

When I got around to actually using it (a few months later), and learned that username/password was other than default. Contacted the seller but he didn’t know the login info.

Searched a while on the internet, couldn’t find any info, except a hint to how it may be possible (although that info I found, related to a different D-Link switch). Anyway, that got me much farther, and to a solution.


Password (and Settings) reset:

  1. Connect Serial
  2. Turn On switch
  3. After POST, it will start to load runtime Image:
    "Please wait, loading Vx.xx-xxx Runtime image ............  xx %"
  4. Press Shift-3 right when it gets to 100% (I believe it gives you a second or two after reaching 100%). If this doesn’t work, try pressing just before 100%. Immediately or a second after it, it will give you:
    Do you want to load the default configuration? (y/n)
  5. Press ‘y’ to reset
  6. Let it boot now, and when it asks for username, press twice (default username and password are blank)
  7. Go ahead and create a new account:
    create account admin USERNAME
  8. Enter the password and repeat for confirmation
  9. Now type
    to write your settings to NV-RAM (very important, otherwise on reboot it will be back to your old account)

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