FiOS in Perris

25 June 08

This past Friday, I saw several Verizon trucks on my street, parked every few hundred feet. Went to talk to them and they informed me that they were installing fiber for FiOS service. The technician said that FiOS should be available in a month or so.

Well I’m fairly excited. I have Time Warner with 10mb down and 1mb up. About a year ago, though, I would have been even more excited. My speeds then were half of what they are now. I believe the speeds (although they probably vary by area) are at 20mb down and 20mb up for the same price I pay now. Whats really useful for me is the upload speed, as it helps with working from home.

Also, I heard that Time Warner is going to start testing usage caps on their internet access. I dont know if they are going to implement that or not. But it definitely helps to have a choice.

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