Adding a FileType to RightClick -> New under XP

1 March 05

This is about when you right-click in a files area of Windows Explorer or right-click the desktop, and go to New menu. In my case my text file entry got lost (I guess while I was trying to install & uninstall different text editors).

Searched on the net, and found one answer. Didn’t work. Searched some more and found out that the first answer was only half the piece.

  1. Save a new (or blank) file in SystemRoot\ShellNew (or C:\Windows\ShellNew\). Filename you give it will be used later
  2. Start regedit (Start->Run->regedit->OK)
  3. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and search for the extension (in my case .txt)
  4. Create a subkey called ShellNew unless one already exists (RightClick->New->Key)
  5. Inside ShellNew create a new String value. Name it FileName
  6. Double-click FileName and enter the name of the file that you saved under the C:\Windows\ShellNew\.
  7. Click on the extension key again (.txt) and note the ”(Default )” Value. Go to that value under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for this key.
  9. Not sure exactly, but I think you may be able to enter NullFile for the FileName and it will create a blank file (which will work fine for text file, but wont work for most other types)

I did not reboot for this to take effect. But YMMV.

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