Problems with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

14 August 04

[Updated… Again. Removed Rant & Link to a solution added]

I installed the SP2 upgrade for xp and its interesting. Windows seems a little slower.

Also I keep getting an ANNOYING internet explorer warning, when i try to view some html files on local disk. When i upload them to my site, and view them, they don’t generate a warning. weird.

Anyway, the evil™ Microsoft®, introduced another problem in the SP2. The 10 concurrent connections limit thing with XP. Certain programs that create lots of connections, make the internet connection crawl. Basically if you run into it, you will notice a warning in the event viewer with an event id 4226.

Instead of finding the patched tcpip.sys file and then replacing it on the system using safe mode, someone has come out with an executable. I haven’t tried it so use it at your own risk. Click on this link to LvlLord’s site.

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