Fighters vs. Airlift

A couple of A-10's are escorting a C-130 Hercules and their pilots were chatting with the pilot of the transport to pass
the time. Talk fell to the subject of the relative merits of their respective aircraft with the fighter pilots holding that
their planes were better because of their manueverability, weaponry and the like.

The C-130 pilot replied "Yeh? Well I can do a few things in this old girl that you'd only dream about." Naturally, he was challenged to demonstrate. "Just watch," he tells them. The C-130 continues to fly straight and level, and after several minutes the Herk pilot returns to the air and says, "There! How was that?"

Not having seen anything, the fighter pilots say, "What are you talking about? What did you do?"

He replies, "Well, I got up, stretched my legs, got a cup of coffee, then went in the back and took a piss."

(Source: Unknown)