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Lotus Fun Drive #2, April 7th
Great turnout of cars for our second Club Lotus LA fun drive. We had 7 or 8 Lotus cars, couple of Porsche, and a Ferrari 328. A fun drive with fun people. I look forward to our next!

January LotusLA Meet (1/27/2002)
I love going to Lotus meets normally, but since I've been without my car, its even cooler seeing bunch of Lotus in the same parking lot. Again there was a good turnout of people/cars.

Los Angeles Auto Show
the LA Auto Show was pretty fun. Loved the British car turnout. Saw the new Esprit and the soon-to-be federalised Elise. The new Vanquish, Murcielago, and Viper (the ones that come to my mind right now, atleast) were the other cool cars of the show.

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